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-Song of Silly Villians- -Song of Silly Villians-

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Oh. Oh my god. This is. This is so amazing I love you please marry me O:

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Just-here-to-watch responds:

You flatter me ^///^ Thank you very much, a lot of work went into this, and I'm very happy you like it :)

How to Voice the Internet How to Voice the Internet

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hello i hav follow all tips but i m nawt famus vois aktor yet help

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SeiyruRenaih responds:

u didnt by a poop filter did u

Pirate Poem Pirate Poem

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Ahhh, the trials of a lusty pirate!

I envy people who can make rhyming couplets and they don't sound awkwardish! Your reading could use a little work - but the poem itself is sound! Also, the repeating background SFX was a little distracting - best just to find some sea SFX that can go the full distance rather than something that's on a 5-second loop.

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Outlaw88 responds:

This was a learning experience for me so constructive criticism is just what I need. Thanks for being honest.