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2012-11-30 05:15:49 by Omahdon

Salutations visitor of this less than oft-updated Newgrounds newsposts feed thing! In fact, why ARE you getting updates from me here? You should be getting them from me on Facebook or Twitter! Or even Youtubes! I update those a lot. Perhaps TOO much. But anyways! No time for chit-chat (but how are YOU? Fine? Good!), lots of things to get through so let's go get through them, chop chop!

First of all, Dungeonland is going to go into beta soon and you can sign up to be a part of the magic! The game features Josh Tomar as the Dungeonmaster and his minions, with Gray Gleason as the Warrior and myself as the Mage and the Rogue. Check out the trailer below to see what the game is all about, it's super nifty! Like a modern day Gauntlet!

Second of all, Heroes of Newerth just got a whole influx of people who also played characters in Dust: An Elysian Tail! I was fortunate enough to be included in that number and I am happy to announce that I play Red Raja - a Nomad alt avatar that's available right now! So be sure to play with me! That didn't sound weird at all! Shut up!

Speaking of Dust, I've uploaded footage of the character I voice, Fuse! Special thanks to BigK for giving me the footage to use for my nefarious purposes. Now you Xbox360-less people (like myself) can experience the magic without having to purchase a console just to see it! I'm sure everything else in the game was cool too, you'll just have to find other videos to see their coolness!

In fact, Dust was so cool that it was nominated for Best Independent Game of 2012 by SpikeTV's Video Game Awards! It's in the running against other tough contenders like Fez, Journey and Mark of the Ninja, so be sure to get in and vote early (and lots) for the game with the most ME in it! (Hint: it's Dust)

Fourth of all (I think it's fourth): I voice a character in Yousei, the third game in a murder-mystery adventure game series, the first two being Jisei and Kansei. I join a pretty goshdarned star-studded cast that includes people like Apphia Yu, Micah Solusod, Cherami Leigh, Christopher Niosi and Kira Buckland! It's available for pre-order right now, so you should probably head on over and check it out, as well as the previous two games if you haven't already.

FIFTH! Casey McDonald (part of the animation troupe known as Toonwerks) plays Amnesia: The Dark Descent while Christopher Boe, Zach Holzman and I watch on, utterly fascinated with his unhealthy obsession with picking up random objects and swinging them around. All kinds of hilarity happens in this video series, but I'm linking part 10 because it gets especially stupid here. So. Awesomely. Stupid.

Sixth, Affordable Audio 4 Everyone has released the Action RPG Characters and Merchants, Enemies, and Townsfolk dialogue library packs for sale, featuring voice acting from yours truly as well as a score of other talented mouth talkering people including Kimlinh Tran and Kira Buckland! The basic idea behind the pack is, if you're an aspiring roleplaying game designer using a certain MAKER of RPGS (shall we say) and you want to have your Heroes, NPCs and/or monsters partially voiced? Get these packs to help you out! They represent a great value for the amount of content that's inside them AND a part of the proceeds go to charity! So don't be a terrible person and buy it now! Here's some samples to help you make up your mind:

Next numberth of all (I lost count), the upcoming iOS game Take My Machete, featuring aliens and the rampant slaughter of said aliens, recently released a trailer for which I provided the voiceover! MAYHEM!

EVEN MORE NEXT NUMBERETH OF ALL, I recently voiced several characters in the audiobook version of koobismo's Marauder Shields, being a fancomic that attempts revise the fairly controversial ending to Mass Effect 3. You can hear me as Rick, Eli Wallace and fan-favourite character Mordin Solus! Take a listen and be sure to HOLD THE LINE! I don't know what that means, the videogame nerds who played Mass Effect just told me that saying that would make me look cool. I should go.

And last of all (but not least of all!), an animated sci-fi series I provide a voice for, Hacker Mind, is doing the Kickstarter rounds so be sure to drop in and pledge if you can! It also features Kira Buckland as one of the main characters! Wow, we sure are everywhere a lot.

So, any questions? There are? Well I'll just answer them right now oh look at the time my clothing is in the oven and my dog is on fire playing volleyball bye


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Stop that. Stop that at once. This newspost has become entirely too full of links.

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Ban him. Ban him with fire.