New VG Cats AWNN oneshot and Detective Grimoire: Secret of the Swamp

2012-07-21 04:38:32 by Omahdon

New VG Cats AWNN, here for your edification! This one's adapted from #288 Kinder Surprise:

Also, there's a little promo for a game I'm in called Detective Grimoire: Secret of the Swamp! It's being developed by SFB Games (formerly known as The Super Flash Bros) and they're running a little Kickstarter campaign for the game. Support it if you can! You can also play a demo on their website - or if you want the ultimate in silly you can watch me play the game instead!


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2012-07-21 05:40:09

Ugh. I'm broke.


2012-10-19 00:14:43

Why do you have to Curse so much when making things? Grow up dude.