Mah Visual Demo Reel Thang

2011-01-08 03:15:27 by Omahdon

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Just a quick run-through of some of the things that I've done voice acting-wise for a variety productions over many, many (five. Maybe six. Or seven) years! Including (in order):

Narrator from "Ike Mercenaries"
Black Mage from "8-Bit Theater"
Ms. Rachett from "Hewitt"
Cop #1 from "Tough Questions"
Pliskin from "Legacy of Pliskin"
Melahn from "Paladin"
Harpuia from "Megaman Zero: The Last Cataclysm"
Grant and Gront from "Smashtasm"
Narrator from "Team Fortress 2 - Something Completely Different"
Narrator from "Spartan Homecoming"
Beeblequix from "The Nameless Mod"
Kun'stenaar from "Drowtales - Demon Painter"
Sir Giant Pink Lizard from "You Only Live Once"
Yi Man from "Record of Dragon Burial"
Narrator from "Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe"
Nazo from "Sonic - Nazo Unleashed"
Peter Posey from "Evil Land"
Dan McNeely from "Escape"
Narrator from "The Gathering Sampler 08"
Raiden from "Metal Gear for Retards"
Raiden from "Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Awesome"
Adam Android from "The Amazing Adam Android"
The Power from "Fury"
Good Atom from "Bad Atom"
Narrator from "Open Doors"
Legend and Dom from "Xin"
Willy and Billiam from "Parody Rangers"

Have fun! And thanks for the listen! And the watchin'!


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2011-02-18 21:53:01

didn't you also do the voice of giga from tta?