Eternally Us Walkthrough

2010-05-02 05:30:12 by Omahdon

A freeware adventure game made with the Adventure Game Studio (AGS) engine by Chris Jones, this was an entry for April's Monthly AGS Competition ( ) whose theme for that month was "One Room One Month". The rules are all in the theme's title, really . Showcasing it on here not only because I played some voices, but also because it's just really, really, REALLY purdy. And maybe just a bit melancholy. And a little sweet.

Honestly, it'd be better for all concerned if you played the game first rather than watch this video with its nasty artifacting and whatnots. So download the game here: tegory=&action=detail&id=1303

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Written, Directed, Programmed & Scored by Steven Poulton
Designed & Drawn by Ben Chandler
Programmed by Steven Poulton
Tested by Sebastian Pfaller

Miranda "Dellaciel" Gauvin as Amber
Kimlinh "Hnilmik" Tran as Fio
Edwyn "Omahdon" Tiong as Hurt and Grotesque 2
Lucien "luciendodge" Dodge as Appels & Oranjes
Steven Poulton as Grotesque 1
Charles Craft as Grotesque 3


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2010-09-05 18:29:28

You have the most brilliant voice! I loved you in those detective point and click games!


2010-09-28 15:45:30

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2010-10-02 16:47:16

that leaves a lump in my throte... :('


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